What´s going on?

My workplace at Ruwer


My workplace at Ruwer employment agency for creatives. Jors, the owner of Ruwer was so kind to provide me a workplace in his inspiring office.

Ruwer is an employment agency for creatives. Ruwer tries to make the bridge between employers and creative people in multimedia and graphic design for short term and long term working assignments.

My new site live!

New site online

I still do not believe it myself but here it is: my brand new website! I will assemble most of my recent work and sketches here.
Some of the work and sketches shown on this website are drafts and never published. Clients decisions are not always mine or the agency, the reason I want you to see the not-chosen-sketches is to let you peek into my ´kitchen´ to show how I work.

If new projects or sketches are finished, I will notice them here in my blog.

Fire car Nico

Brandweer Brandweer Brandweer

This is the mobile fireman Jors made for me once. The pics shown below are old, Annemarie made some pictures of my ride, will post them soon.

Brandweer Brandweer Brandweer Brandweer Brandweer

Went to Ruwer for a friday afternoon drink, while Annemarie arranged a lovely ride with the fireman for me!

Alfa Romeo MiTo website online

Alfa Romeo MiTo

Alfa Romeo MiTo website is in collaboration with Alfa Italy online. Both on the Alfa Romeo corporate site as MiTo website for the new MiTo with only 14% aggregation.